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Jennifer Stoehner was born and raised in Ruidoso, New Mexico. She has pursued her passion for music for 30+ years.

When Jennifer was 16, her childhood home was burned down in a forest fire. She lost her family piano along with every Earthly possession. After the fire, her parents bought her a keyboard. Jennifer would stay up late with her headphones on and began composing music to deal with the tragedy of losing her home. Her heart healed through this process and she realized that this Earth’s treasures will surely pass away, but her relationship with Jesus was eternal. She recorded her first album Falling Into You in 2005. 

Jennifer has been in multiple bands throughout the years while living in New Mexico, Colorado, California, Canada and Serbia through her work with Campus Crusade for Christ. She graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2007. For 5 years she worked as a teacher for grades K-12, inspiring students in the Arts.

After a skiing injury in 2012, Jennifer decided she needed a life change. She started her own business called Jennifer Stoehner Music & Art and followed her passions of singing, playing the piano, song writing, giving private piano and voice lessons and creating custom art. Jennifer has formed a solo piano and vocal act, performing popular music as well as her own original compositions.

Jennifer and her husband Chris relocated to North Idaho several years ago. They love Sandpoint for its endless outdoor activities, amazing community of people and the town’s rich love of the Arts. 

Jennifer is still an avid skier and also enjoys backpacking, hiking, white water rafting, rock climbing and ice climbing. She loves life and every opportunity in God’s creation has been a source of inspiration in her song writing.

In February 2023, Jennifer pursued an 18-year dream to produce all the songs God had given her over the years. She is recording Your Radiance a piano and vocal album and Waterfalls a piano solo album. Her goal is to bring hope and healing to a broken world through her music. Her music is inspired by finding joy that only comes from Jesus amidst life’s hardships. 

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